Crockery & Interior Stationery

  • Dinnerware Hasami Arita-yaki in the long history of pottery kilns in Saga Prefecture and Nagasaki Prefecture, see tableware designed by Edo pattern pattern in Ishikawa prefectural Kutani pottery ware, including stocks.
  • Dish featuring Edo pattern may be a one-to medium dishes from birds plates and small plates, bowls, there is a rice bowl, cup, buckwheat chocolate variety, cup, coffee cup, glass is the seat of the mug and Echizen coating The stocks such as stand cup Tsu.
  • インテリア類は、江戸文様柄の卓上ランプやお香やお香立て()などがあります。
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  • Stationery, in addition to the one-stroke prescription and notes prescription of the great writer Asakusa trout and was produced an original paper (full Kotobukiya) and cormorants cloth designed the Qinghai wave pattern of humbly made fu specialty of manuscript paper style, Edo by processing the deer leather pattern I stocks indene ballpoint pen colorful pattern that has been subjected to.