Ise-type paper culture

"The Birth of traditional Ise paper pattern and the pattern culture"

The type land paper Mino Japanese paper bonded to triple the persimmon is Ise paper pattern that carved a traditional pattern.
Patterns that are carved into the mold area paper, according to the design of the pattern by traditional craftsman, "stripes carved", "tsuki-bori", "cone-carved", is made of techniques such as "tool carving".
Pattern from intelligences pattern that has been used in furniture and buildings of aristocrats transmitted from ancient times in China and from Korea, development turf cultural actors of Edo Kabuki with diverse spread to its own pattern that you made to the pattern of preference did.

"Chic and dashing traditional Ise paper and Ed town"

The design pattern of the prototype, which is dyed as Edo Komon in Ise paper transmitted to the Mie Prefecture Suzuka milt district, in the Edo era kamishimo(Kamishimo)It was those that have been protected in the territory of Kishu Tokugawa family because it was used in costumes.
Edo townspeople in the delicate the handle so as not to stand out, even while incorporating the samurai culture, and fun as fashionable in a manner visible to the plain in long distance, this "chic" and "dashing(dashing)It was fun in the. "