Ise-type paper culture

"The Birth of traditional Ise paper pattern and the pattern culture"

Ise katagami is a traditional pattern engraved on the Mino Japanese paper pattern, which is made by laminating persimmon tannins in three layers.。
The pattern carved on the template paper、According to the design of the pattern by a traditional craftsman、"Striped carving"、"Carving"、"Gimlet carving"、It is made by techniques such as "tool carving"。
The pattern is from a well-informed pattern that has been handed down from China and Korea since ancient times and has been used for furniture and buildings of public houses.、Edo Kabuki actors have developed into a diverse and expansive culture, including unique patterns added to their favorite patterns.。

"Chic and dashing traditional Ise paper and Ed town"

The prototype of the design pattern dyed as Edo Komon is Ise katagami, which is handed down in the Shiroko district of Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture.、Edo period kamishimo(Kamishimo)Because it was used for costumes, it was protected within the territory of the Kishu Tokugawa family.。
The townspeople of Edo have taken in the culture of the samurai family, but made the pattern inconspicuous.、Make it look plain from a distance and look stylish and enjoy it、This is called "smart" or "sword back"(dashing)I enjoyed it。

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