The concept of "good luck Mantenboshi"

"Tenkai-Shonin" holy priest of Tokugawa Ieyasu and staff in Edo town development that became the foundation of the Edo shogunate of development there was Sensoji Temple into one that originally placed the amulet temples and shrines to the orientation of the northeast of Edo Castle.

Mantenboshi in the Senso-ji Temple of home territory, which has been the patron of the Edo of town, offers a variety of what is divine favor as "feng shui", which is the guardian development idea of ​​"Tenkai Shonin" products of "good luck" in the now of life.

From there is also the temple luck "Jinlong" carved natural stone bracelet and the mountain of Sensoji Temple, including the beckoning cat, owl, rabbit, frog, Seven Lucky Gods, auspicious design of the interior, such as the zodiac, accessories, wrapping cloth, a towel, etc. "Sho-Huku" luck Goods Enjoy.






Handling method of good luck

  • The item also becomes emotional support of life to increase the motivation.
    There is a kind of lucky charm for fulfill the patron and development of the wish of life and home and business.
    There are accessories type and the living room and your own, such as the interior type of decoration room worn by the scene that purpose and use.
  • After the purchase especially specifically wish of accessories and interior with a purpose and place it on top of the natural salt and crystal cluster two hours or more, we recommend that you can use it from the cleanse is immersed in the clear stream .
  • Handling must cherish, but if you have any chance damage or loss you will be a lucky charm has made a ceremony to drive away evil spirits become your scapegoat.
  • If luck and goods is exhausted, accessories will discard it in the bag while cleansing with salt.
    Small things of Interior Product is disposed of in the same manner as accessories, big thing, you are requested to dispose of the temples and shrines in response to the Oharai of temples and shrines to get to accept the disposal.
  • Izure was also disposed of thanks to good luck charm from the fact that finished the role, we recommend that you change to a new power good luck.