Natural stone (Power Stone)

  • Crystal quartz crystal ball at the one with the strongest power of good luck from the amulet, feng shui four God carving set, and interior accessories such as gold dragon carved hexagonal pyramid, accessories combined with bracelets and necklaces and other natural stone of only crystal ball bracelet You can choose a.
  • Crystal kinds amethyst (purple), rose quartz (peach), citrine (yellow), rutilequartz (gold needle), smoked quartz, stocks such as gray quartz.
  • In addition to the crystal, lapis lazuli - you can choose from hundreds of designs from interior to accessories.
  • Asakusa Sensoji Temple Daikokuten, there are Asakusa Shrine enshrined Asakusa Seven Lucky Gods and Sumida River Seven Lucky Gods Ebisu heaven, we align the seven gods of gold from the fact that especially in the New Year is crowded with Seven Lucky Gods tour.