Experience of Japanese culture

Manufacturing experience

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Ise paper pattern carving experience

It will be the pattern of Komon kimono in Edo, Kyoto, Kaga, etc. The pattern design (pattern) is Ise katagami、The technique of pasting the original image on this Ise katagami and cutting out the pattern with a cutter according to the original image is the pattern engraving.。
Is it colored paper?、Choose whether it is a paper pattern light (desktop lantern)、Next, you can choose your favorite design and enjoy the experience of carving.。

Sliding included dyeing experience

Coasters and drawstrings、Choose a material to dye, such as a tote bag、Next, select your favorite pattern design, make the desired color to be dyed on the palette, and rub it with a brush as if rubbing it, and it is completed when you can rub the color scheme.。

Moss interior production experience

There are 1800 kinds of moss in Japan, but the kind of moss that you can choose and experience making、Hosoba Okinagoke、Hypnum、Dicranum scopar、Snagoke、Polytrichum commune、It changes depending on the season, such as Sphagnum palustre.。

Emotional body omen

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Tea fresh experience

The origin of Japanese tea ceremony is to experience the feeling of wabi-sabi in the tea room space through dark tea.、At our shop, we have carefully selected Kyoto Uji's light tea (Ousu) matcha from tea leaf producing areas nationwide so that anyone can feel free to familiarize themselves with tea.、You can make your own deep-steamed tea from Shizuoka Kakegawa, which has a rich taste of tea leaves.。

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